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Valiant Detailing has developed a range of training services with a strong focus on simplifying key processes & dispelling a host of common industry myths.

Our training focuses on utilising a range of tools & products from a host of manufacturers. Techniques, methods and processes taught throughout Valiant Detailing courses have been proven in-house & across a range of situations candidates will likely encounter.

No matter your level the team has a solution for you!

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November 2023


Menzerna Certified Training

Backed with the experience of a century, Menzerna has been developing and producing high-quality car polishes since 1888. Certified training teaches not only theoretical basics but above all the practical application of the Menzerna range of polishes and pads. Menzerna polishing training is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

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Choose from a range of Detailing Training Packages available at the Valiant Workshop in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, from single or multi-day courses, brand accredited days to tailor-made mentorship programs.

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