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what is PPF

PPF, short for Paint Protection Film, is a transparent or coloured elastomeric polyurethane film that is virtually invisible and when applied to a vehicle’s paintwork protects against stone chips, stains, light scratches, or swirls caused by road debris, bug droppings, inappropriate wash processes and other harmful environmental elements.

Key features and benefits of XPEL PPF include;

  • Self-Healing Topcoat; PPF will self-heal from fine scratches and swirl marks when exposed to natural sunlight or when a vehicle is parked in a heated garage

  • Near Invisible; Once applied, the film is virtually indistinguishable from factory paintwork

  • Stain Resistance; Neither road grime, ‘bird droppings, ‘bugs nor air pollution will stain or yellow the film ‘not exposed to corrosives for hours/days

  • Added Impact Protection; Increased paint protection against road damage, such as stone chips and debris

  • Preserve Original Paint; Excellent resistance to scuffs, such as carpark damage & often the paintwork can remain intact after peeling off the damaged film

Prior to the installation of XPEL Paint Protection Film at Valiant Detailing, all vehicles are meticulously washed & decontaminated. Additional steps include our methodical machine polishing process and secondary safe-wash stage to ensure vehicles are free from contaminants in preparation for fitment of film. Find out more about our initial Detailing & PPF Preparation Process

Detailing training Workshops

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From car enthusiast to aspiring detailer the team can help; Valiant Detailing offer a host of detailing training packages spanning numerous topics & levels. Popular subject areas include; safe wash techniques, paint correction, wet sanding, ceramic coating application & introduction to paint protection film.

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