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Welcome to Valiant Detailing
- Accredited Car Detailing & Premium Vehicle Care -

Valiant Detailing offer a range of car detailing services (for everything from new cars to classics), ceramic coatings, paint protection film installations and a selection of safe wash options. Accredited and fully certified by; Gtechniq, Gyeon, Kamikaze Collection, Rupes and XPEL Paint Protection Films.

Offering car detailing in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, our custom designed studio includes; indoor & outdoor wash bays, a climate controlled clean room, selection of fixed and mobile detailing lights, flush fit vehicle scissor lift, full site CCTV, monitored alarm systems, gated private car park, security bollards and a customer waiting area. Many of these features contribute to the levels of service, finish and piece of mind we are able to provide.

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The UK’s Finest Car Detailing Services

From new car detailing services, to classic car protection, we’re Huddersfield’s most accredited detailers, with official certifications from Gtechniq, Feynlab, Gyeon, XPEL, Kamikaze Collection and more.

We’ve worked on everything from McLaren’s to Mini’s, Ferrari’s to Fiat’s providing car detailing, paint protection film installations, various paint correction/enhancement services, window tinting, paintless dent removal & wheel refurbishment services.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest standard of detailing services, all of which are carried out from our custom built premises located 5 minutes from central Huddersfield. With a meticulous lighting setup, controlled indoor environments and high-security alarm & cctv systems in place to protect your investment, we’re the only choice for car detailing in West Yorkshire.

Click ‘SEE MORE’ below, for examples of our work, and remember to check out our social media profiles to keep up to date with our latest projects.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Detailing is the act of performing thorough cleaning, restoration and finishing of a complete vehicle. Aims are to produce the highest levels of finish & cleanliness.

  • We believe we offer a high level of skill, professionalism and dedication to our trade. Over a number of years we have heavily invested in all areas of our business to ensure all clients receive the highest levels of service. Relatively few detailers currently operating in the UK are authorised & certified by a number of leading brands in the detailing and car care industry. We have gained accredited and certified status from Gtechniq, Gyeon, Feynlab, Kamikaze Collection, Xpel & Rupes. Our custom built facility is equipped with a number of features which are paramount to the level of service and finish we are able to provide, these include indoor & outdoor wash bays, climate control systems, dust managed clean room, vehicle scissor lift (flush installed to allow low vehicles to be safely lifted), custom lighting systems, monitored alarm, cctv system, private gated car park, customer waiting and products area. Further to the above our studio is equipped with the finest tools & products available. Last but not least is our team, between our detailers & technicians we have a combined level of experience which spans in excess of 30 years. Our team additionally includes a fully qualified master mechanic who forms part of our PPF installation team. Clients should note that we are not amateur enthusiasts, we have a wealth of experience, purpose built facilities, dedicated equipment, full insurance cover in place and detailing is our full time profession.

  • To get a feel for our work in person please arrange a appointment and we would be happy to show you around our facility and demo some of our work/results, we always say seeing is believing. Other options include visiting our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts or having a look at the “OUR WORK” section on this website.

  • Paint correction is a skilled & labour intensive process which will remove a host of defects and imperfections in a vehicles paintwork such as swirl marks, scratches, buffer trails, oxidation, haze and etching from bird droppings. With the use of various paint depth gauges, machine polishers combined with the latest compounds, paint polishes & polishing pads we can revitalise heavily damaged paint to a completely new level of optical clarity without compromising the integrity of your vehicles paint. Our multistage processes permanently & safely rejuvenate your vehicles paint, at no point will we utilise any form of fillers or glaze type products when correcting paint. We firmly believe in offering a honest and skilled service, not a just a quick fix.

  • Valeting services are typically based on high volume low cost model aimed at the mass market. The majority of these services are often carried out within limited time scales by unskilled staff with the use of budget materials & products. A market has now emerged for a number of detailing and safe wash services to be offered to clients wanting a higher level of service & finish. Detailing utilises specialist techniques such as paint correction & wet sanding while also using the finest quality materials & products to aid the complete process and final surface protection. Such services are more labour intensive and require a much greater degree of skill, experience & expertise, ultimately meaning they are more expensive. However due to the value of used vehicles being hugely affected by their aesthetic condition, such detailing work typically pays for itself, especially on prestige and performance vehicles.

  • A quick browse at our pricing can lead to the assumption that our prices are high, especially when you compare against regular road side valeting services. Our pricing structure is based upon fixed rates agreed prior to the commencement of each level of service. Factor in the the skill, equipment & facilities required to produce the results we do then we feel what we offer is competitive in today’s marketplace. Time is a factor to consider, it takes a minimum of 8 hours to perform a Bronze Detail, minimum of 20 hours to perform an Silver Detail and between 30-45 hours to complete a Gold Detail. Our fixed price approach ensures all our clients know exactly what they will be paying in advance, no matter how long the detail actually takes, very often our packages have been known to take far longer than expected or priced for. Our levels of finish take priority so we insist on taking as long as it takes !

  • In a word YES, from experience it is all too common for brand new vehicles to be delivered with a number of defects present in the paint finish & across other areas of the vehicle. Common defects include paint marring, sanding marks and machine polishing holograms left from the factory production line. More disappointing is the fact most dealerships do not have the time or skills available on-site to correct these defects prior to handover, instead all that is typically offered is a basic valet which often does more harm than good. Optionally customers are offered a poor quality ‘lifetime’ protection package which in the vast majority of cases is improperly applied, rushed and most worryingly temporally hides defects. If these thoughts concern you, we are happy to take on new car deliveries and ensure that you receive your vehicle in perfect condition with the very best surface treatments applied from the outset. Protecting the bodywork, glass and alloy wheels properly from day one will ensure that they remain easy to keep clean over your ownership, and will also help to prevent the harmful acids in everyday contaminants (such as bird droppings and bug remains) from etching the paint.

  • In most cases we can make sizeable improvements to the appearance of your vehicles paint, by careful and skilled machine polishing and if necessary, wet-sanding. In cases where defects are very severe, the primary factor to consider is always clear-coat depth. If the defects lie within the uppermost layer of paint (clear-coat in modern paint systems) then there is a very high likelihood of achieving a level of correction of 95% or more. However, in cases where such defects penetrate to no more than 35% of the depth of a vehicles clear coat, there’s a very high likelihood of achieving a near perfect level of correction. Many of our customers are often amazed at the degree to which we are able to restore heavily swirled & scratched paint finishes, to the extent that we almost always do away with the need for any additional bodyshop services. The final point to note is once we have completed paint correction services the results are permanent, the corrected damage will not reappear. We can further advise on correct maintenance and wash methods in order to ensure that all clients are able to safely and effectively maintain the finish we achieve.

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Get in touch today for a FREE quotation based on your specific requirements. Due to the nature of the vehicles we work on and client privacy we don’t openly advertise our exact location on our website, but we’re based within 5 minutes drive of Huddersfield Town Centre.

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