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Prepare, Refine & Protect Paintwork

The Protection Detail is highly recommended for vehicles that require moderate attention and for those clients who aim to preserve the condition of a vehicle that has been previously detailed. Core to this package is a single-stage of machine polishing that aims to address lighter paint defects that may have built up during regular wash maintenance. Secondary benefits include; new application or top up’s of dedicated sealants/ceramic coatings to painted surfaces, trim, wheels, and glass sections. The Valiant Detailing team highly recommend this package for vehicles heading into the winter months.

The Protection Detail takes an average of 2 to 3 days to complete, this factors in ample time frames for all protective & ceramic coatings to be suitably cured in our climate-controlled environment. For additional information on the stages & processes involved please see below.

Engine Bay Steam Clean Audi Alloy Wheel Coating
Price: From POA - Booking Fee: 25% - Duration: 1 to 3 Days

Protection Detail - The Process

Safe Wash, Decontamination & Preparation Stages

The Protection Detail starts with a multi-stage preparation process. In brief, safe wash, paint decontamination & a host of preparation stages are carried out before the commencement of any machine polishing or protective stages.

The safe wash, decontamination & preparatory processes utilised in the Protection Detail package are broadly similar across a range of detailing packages offered here at Valiant Detailing. For a closer look at the steps involved please see the following website post “Step by Step Detailing Preparation Process

Please note our level of preparation is tailored to each vehicle booked into the workshop and factors in starting condition and client requests. For a brief breakdown on stages specific to the Protection Detail (following all preparation) please see below;

Polishing Stages

Protection Stages

Finishing Stages

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