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Prepare, Enhance & Protect Paintwork

The Enhancement Detail is the most commonly requested service here at Valiant Detailing. Highly recommended for vehicles that require a higher-level of attention across a host of exterior and interior surfaces & perfect for clients seeking to improve the condition of a recent purchase or bring a new lease of life to an existing daily driver.

Fundamental to this package is our dual-stage machine polishing process, aiming to address a higher percentage of paint defects that have built up over time and can be attributed to inappropriate wash practices, general usage and weathering. Secondary benefits of the package include the application of dedicated ceramic coatings to painted surfaces, trim, wheels, and glass sections. The perfect level of service to enhance the overall condition of a vehicle while introducing robust levels of protection with a host of protective coatings or paint protection film application.

The Enhancement Detail takes an average of 4 to 6 days to complete, factoring in a suitable time frames for all protective & ceramic coatings to be cured in our climate-controlled environment.

The level of service is labour intensive but the overall results are always worth it in our opinion. For additional information on the stages & processes involved please see below.

Ferrari Alloy Wheel Coating Ferrari Detailing
Price: From POA - Booking Fee: 25% - Duration: 4 to 5 Days

Enhancement Detail - The Process

Safe Wash, Decontamination & Preparation Stages

As with all detailing packages here at Valiant Detailing, the Enhancement Package starts with a multi-stage preparation process. In brief, safe wash, paint decontamination & a host of preparatory stages are carried out before the commencement of any machine polishing or protective stages. Levels of preparation are tailored to each vehicle booked into the workshop and factors in starting condition including any client specific requests.

For a closer look at the preparatory steps involved please see the following post “Step by Step Detailing Preparation Process” which provides an insight into the general processes, methods & steps utilised.

For a breakdown of stages specific to the Enhancement Detail (following all preparation) please see below:

Enhancement Polishing Stages

Upon completion of all preparation stages, the vehicle is now ready to be machine polished in the Valiant Detailing clean room. The host of polishing stages generally carried out throughout a Enhancement Detail package are listed below:

Enhancement Protection Stages

Upon completion of all polishing stages and secondary preparation, vehicles are protected with a host of ceramic coatings, upgraded coating options or paint protection film packages are additionally available. Stages utilised in the protection phase are listed below:

Enhancement Finishing Stages

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