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Multi Stage Paint Correction & Detailing

The Correction Detail is quite simply the most comprehensive level of service offered here at Valiant Detailing. Includes multiple stages of machine polishing along with our wheels off upgrade, deep engine bay cleanse & full interior detail. The paint correction element of the package aims to restore paint to near-perfect levels and includes wet sanding stages where required, all paint correction is carried out in a safe and methodical manner and factors in clear coat depths and safe removal rates. Additional benefits of the package include application of a host of industry-leading ceramic coatings to all painted surfaces, trim, wheels, interior surfaces, and glass sections.

The Correction Detail takes a minimum of 7 days to complete but generally, this time frame can extend to the 10-14 day range depending on the starting condition of the vehicle, individual requests and the general scope of the project. Upon completing the detailing works all ceramic coatings and paint protection film installations are cured in our climate-controlled environment for a minimum of 48 hours.

This level of service is hugely labour-intensive and employs an ‘as long as it takes’ approach, the final results are nothing short of transformational. Perfect level of service for those seeking a near-perfect finish. For additional information on the stages & processes involved please see below.

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Price: POA - Booking Fee: 25% - Duration: 7 to 14 Days

Correction Detail - The Process

Safe Wash, Decontamination & Preparation Stages

All detailing packages start with a comprehensive multi-stage preparation process. In brief, safe wash, paint decontamination & a host of preparation stages are carried out prior to the commencement of any restorative, machine polishing, or protective stages. The level of preparation is tailored to each vehicle booked into the workshop and factors in starting condition and individual client requests.

For a closer look at the general preparatory stages involved please see the following news post “Step by Step Detailing Preparation Process” which aims to provide an insight into the various processes and steps utilised.

Please see below for additional information on steps specific to the Correction Detail package (following suitable levels of preparation)

Correction Polishing Stages

Upon completion of all preparation stages, the vehicle is now ready to be machine polished in the Valiant Detailing clean room. The host of polishing stages carried out throughout the Correction Detailing package are listed below:

Correction Protection Stages

Upon completion of all polishing stages and secondary preparation, vehicles are protected with a host of premium ceramic coatings. Stages utilised in the protection phase are listed below:

Correction Finishing Stages

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