Detailing a New Car

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ve ordered your brand new car, and it’s ready for you to collect from the dealership. At this point, with the car having only a few miles on the clock, you wouldn’t consider that there could be any damage to the paintwork.

Porsche Macan New Car Detail Porsche Macan Detailing

All too often, however, there have been multiple points where your car could have picked up scratches, swirls and been exposed to harmful chemicals along the way. Other factors to consider include factory sanding marks to the paintwork and polishing buffer trails at the very end of the factory paint-shop process. When you think about the assembly process and the journey your car will have been on, from the manufacturing plant to your local dealership, which could have been hundreds, if not thousands, of miles, it’s more than likely to have picked up a few contaminants and defects along the way.

Although steps have been taken to protect the paintwork, something could likely have affected your paint, this could even be a simple case of the dealership staff washing your car without proper care and attention, resulting in scratches and swirl marks.

It might come as a surprise that your supplying garage hasn’t hired an experienced new car detailing specialist, but chances are, your car will be receiving nothing more than a quick valet and filler polishes to hide defects and give it a temporary gleam for handover. A key problem with this is that once all the filler products wear off, often after just one wash, you are then left with the true condition of your car’s paint finish with more often than not sanding marks, buffer trails, swirls, scratches, and paint marring becoming increasingly visible.

Because your car is brand new, there’s nothing protecting the clear coat, which leaves it susceptible to damage and chemicals. Your supplying dealership will be aware of this, and they’ve likely tried to sell add-ons in the form of an in-house paint protection service before your car is picked up. These may protect for a short period, but after several washes, your car will be back to its unprotected state. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the in-house dealership services you might be offered will be done so

Porsche New Car Detailing Porsche Detailing

How to Protect Paintwork on a New Car?

If you’re not aware, there are a considerable amount of naturally occurring elements and a host of man-made chemicals that, without protection, could harm your car. Just some of these are listed

Granted, some of these might not be your first thought when protecting your new car’s paintwork, but there’s a chance that your paintwork could come into contact with most of these over a year.

To protect your car from day one, detailing and protecting a brand new car from a dedicated professional is essential. We’ll guide you through our process of detailing a new car (which you can view in detail on our Detailing and Xpel PPF pages):

New Car Detailing Wash Process - Detailing a brand new car begins with a thorough wash using a range of pH-neutral cleaners and includes multi-stage decontamination of all exterior surfaces. Our intricate process, involving a host of stages often includes the removal of all wheels.

New Car Detailing Preparation Process - Your car is then cleansed with solutions that strip any outstanding residues or coatings, before the paint is fully assessed and a single-stage refining polish carried out, resulting in a defect free paint finish.

New Car Detailing Protection Process - At this stage during a brand new car detail, we fully cleanse and apply protective sealants or ceramic coatings to all paintwork, trims, glass, and wheels. This coats and protects your, now perfect, paintwork and host of vehicle surfaces including interior materials.

New Car Detailing Finishing Process - Finally, we apply dual layers of synthetic topcoat sealant ready for our comprehensive inspection and quality control process before handover.

Porsche New Car Detail Porsche Ceramic Coating

What are the Benefits of Detailing a Brand New Car?

The most significant benefit of detailing a brand new car is the piece of mind that your paintwork and other surfaces are protected from the range of factors we have mentioned above, additionally, the lengths of our manufacturer-backed guarantees provide that complete assurance. Take our New Car Detail package, for example, with the application of Gtechniq’s most advanced coating, Crystal Serum Ultra results in a dual-layer ceramic sealant that, with maintenance, delivers the ultimate level in chemical resistance and paint protection. It also offers resistance to extreme heat changes, from -40 degrees Celsius to +250 degrees Celsius, all with a 9 Year Manufacturer Guarantee.

An added benefit of detailing a brand new car, is that it can increase the valuation of your car when it comes to resale. As we highlighted above, many elements can affect your paintwork, which over your years of ownership, could result in the colour appearing dull and damaged.

By detailing a brand new car, alongside regular maintenance, your paintwork and interior will keep its ‘as new’ finish, meaning when you come to sell it, buyers can appreciate that the car has been looked after, therefore commanding a higher price.

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