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What Are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings, which can also be referred to as “glass’ or “quartz” coatings are essentially a mix of nanostructured polysilazanes, silanes, and siloxanes liquids. When applied to a vehicle’s paintwork these liquids form chemical bonds with the surface resulting in a glossy, durable barrier that repels water and contaminants while protecting from harmful chemicals & UV rays.

Ceramic coatings additionally aim to make wash maintenance a far easier and quicker process while bringing a level of swirl & scratch resistance to protected surfaces.

In brief ceramic coatings aim to preserve, protect and enhance the appearance of the protected surface.

The team at Valiant Detailing works with leading manufacturers to offer a choice of protective coatings. See below & choose from a range of ceramic coatings designed for both exterior & interior surfaces of a vehicle.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings at Valiant Detailing

Choose from a range of Ceramic Coatings designed to protect the interior & exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Valiant Detailing additionally offers a host of warranted product options complete with manufacturer-backed guarantees. Ceramic coating options are available from the following manufacturers

Popular Ceramic Coatings options from a range of Manufacturers we work with are listed below:

Paintwork Coatings

  • Gtechniq EXO v4
  • Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer
  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra (Certified Detailer Product)
  • Gyeon Can Coat Professional Evo (Certified Detailer Product)
  • Gyeon Infinite Evo (Certified Detailer Product)
  • Gyeon Infinite Topcoat Evo (Certified Detailer Product)
  • Feynlab Ceramic Lite
  • Feynlab Ceramic v2
  • Feynlab Heal Lite + Overcoat v2 (Certified Detailer Product)

Wheel Coatings

  • Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour
  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra + EXO v4 (Certified Detailer Product)
  • Gyeon Rim
  • Feynlab Wheel & Calliper

Trim Coatings

  • Gtechniq C4 Trim Restorer
  • Gyeon Trim
  • Feynlab Plastic
  • Feynlab Plastic Black

Glass Coatings

  • Gtechniq G5
  • Gtechniq G1
  • Gyeon View

Vinyl Wrap & PPF Coatings

  • XPEL Fusion Plus (Certified Detailer Product)
  • Gtechniq Halo
  • Gyeon PPF
  • Feynlab PPF & Vinyl

Interior Coatings

  • Gtechniq C6 Matt Dash
  • Gtechniq L1 Leather
  • Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric
  • Gyeon Leather Coat
  • Gyeon Leather Shield
  • Gyeon Fabric

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