Safe Wash - Bronze

Our Bronze Safe Wash is our entry level wash service designed for vehicles that have been previously detailed by us. Please call ahead advising our team of your arrival, bookings by appointment only

Our Bronze Safe Wash is designed as a quick wash but still utilises all possible steps to reduce the chances of introducing paint defects and wash marring. Please call ahead advising our team of your arrival, wifi services and hot beverages are available whilst we safely clean the exterior of your vehicle.

This service follows the safe wash process listed below and is available on a appointment basis.

Up to 2 Hours

Prices - Based on Size & Condition

Small Car - From *£30

Medium Car - From *£35

Large Car - From *£40

Extra Large Car - From *£45

We require advance notice to confirm this service

Wash Process

  1. Wheel faces and tyres cleaned with a ph safe wheel cleaner and various detailing brushes

  2. Vehicle lightly pre-rinsed by hot pressure wash to remove loose dirt and contaminants

  3. Lower areas of the vehicle sprayed with a citrus all purpose cleaner

  4. Hot pressure wash rinse to remove the citrus cleaner and residue

  5. Application of ph safe snow foam to the complete vehicle and left to dwell

  6. Window trim, rubbers, badges and panel gaps cleaned with a citrus based all purpose cleaner and a dedicated detailing brush

  7. Extensive hot pressure wash rinse to remove snow foam and residue

  8. All Exterior bodywork surfaces washed using a ph safe car shampoo, 2 wash mitts and our 3 Bucket safe wash process

  9. Hot pressure wash rinse to remove shampoo and residues

Finishing Process

  1. Vehicle given final filtered water rinse stage

  2. Vehicle to be fully dried, dedicated hot air blower to be used along with plush microfibre towels for all vehicle drying including blowing out water from all areas and pat drying any remaining water

  3. Final wipe with quick detailing spray

  4. Final inspection

Points To Note - *All pricing shown above is displayed as a guide, our price points will vary dependent on the size and condition of the vehicle being booked in to our studio. Exact pricing & quotes can be obtained upon a full consultation at our studio. Additional charges may apply for vehicles that are heavily soiled/excessively dirty. All work is to be carried out at our detailing studio in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire