New Car Detailing - Prepare & Protect

Our New Car Detail takes an average of 3 days to complete with adequate time reserved for all ceramic sealants to fully cure in our climate controlled clean room. For additional information on our process and the reasons why you should detail & protect your new car please see below. Bolt on services and sealant upgrades from Gtechniq, Gyeon & Kamikaze Collection are also available (please see our Upgrades & Bolt Ons section).

Protecting your new car paintwork & bodywork

Specialist service designed to correctly prepare and protect your investment to elite levels. Our new car detailing services include our deep clean and decontamination stages in preparation for a methodical stage of machine polishing to increase gloss levels & remove lighter paint defects that your vehicle may have picked up during its manufacturing stages and/or during its time in a dealership environment.

We are able to offer a range of professional grade ceramic sealants and paint protection film services given our certified and accredited status with the following companies: Gtechniq, Feynlab, Gyeon, Kamikaze Collection and Xpel Protective Films.

Mclaren Detailing Mclaren PPF

Duration & Costs

2 to 5 Day Booking

Price - From *£399

A £100 deposit is required to confirm new car detailing

Does Your New Car Require Detailing?

In a word YES, from experience it is all too common for brand new vehicles to be delivered with a number of defects present in the paint finish & across other areas of the vehicle. Common defects include paint marring, sanding marks and machine polishing holograms left from the factory production line. More disappointing is the fact most dealerships do not have the time or skills available on-site to correct these defects prior to handover, instead all that is typically offered is a basic valet which often does more harm than good.

Optionally customers are offered a poor quality ‘lifetime’ new car paint protection package which in the vast majority of cases is improperly applied, rushed, offers little protection, overstates longevity and most worryingly temporally hides defects.

If these thoughts concern you, we are happy to take on new car deliveries and ensure that you receive your vehicle in correct condition with the very best warranted surface treatments applied from the outset. Protecting all paintwork, glass, alloy wheels and interior surfaces properly from day one will ensure that they remain easy to keep clean and are protected over the course of your ownership, our range of sealants will also help to prevent the harmful acids in everyday contaminants (such as bird droppings and bug remains) from permanently etching the paint and other exterior surfaces.

New Car Detail - Wash Process

  1. Wheels cleaned with a dedicated ph neutral wheel cleaner and various wheel brushes, to include all wheel faces, behind all spokes, inner wheel barrels & brake callipers

  2. Wheel iron deposits and staining chemically removed safely with dedicated ph balanced iron removal products

  3. Wheel tar deposits chemically removed safely with dedicated tar removal product

  4. Each wheel safely raised using suitable lifting equipment, allows access for arch liners, suspension, brakes and tyres to be fully cleaned using a ph safe citrus based cleaner and various detailing brushes.

  5. Vehicle pre-rinsed to remove loose dirt and contamination

  6. Lower areas of the vehicle to be soaked using a ph safe citrus based cleaner

  7. Hot pressure wash rinse to remove citrus cleaner and residue

  8. Application of ph neutral snow foam to the whole vehicle, snow foam left to dwell for 5/10 minutes

  9. Window rubbers, badges and panel gaps cleaned with a ph safe citrus based cleaner and specialist detailing brushes

  10. Hot pressure wash rinse to remove snow foam, citrus cleaner and residues

  11. All door shuts, hinges, surrounds and inner fuel flap de-greased and cleaned with a ph safe citrus based cleaner and specialist detailing brushes

  12. Hot pressure wash rinse at reduced pressure for delicate areas and removing citrus cleaner

  13. Exterior bodywork surfaces washed with two plush wash mitts, process to include a multi stage safe wash utilising our three bucket method, including pH shampoo stages

  14. Hot pressure wash rinse to remove shampoo

  15. Tar safely removed from all exterior surfaces and door shuts using a dedicated ph balanced product

  16. Hot pressure wash rinse to remove tar cleaner and residue

  17. Iron contamination safely removed from exterior surfaces and door shuts using a dedicated ph balanced product

  18. Hot pressure wash rinse to remove iron cleaner and residue

  19. Vehicle clayed to remove remaining bonded surface contamination to all painted surfaces & glass, appropriate grade of clay used for this process

  20. Vehicle given final hot rinse stages, to include filtered water rinse stage

  21. Vehicle driven into the studio for drying stages, dedicated hot air blower to be used along with plush microfibre towels for all vehicle drying including blowing out water from all areas and pat drying any remaining water

New Car Detail - Preparation Process

  1. All paintwork and glass to be cleansed with dedicated alcohol solutions to strip remaining wax, coatings and residues

  2. Paintwork inspection carried out using various lighting sources

  3. Paintwork assessment carried out using a paint depth gauge.

  4. Edges, badges, number plates and delicate trim masked or removed.

  5. Single stage refining polish carried out to remove light swirls and marring.

  6. Head and tail lights enhanced by machine polishing

  7. Wheel faces, painted trim and chrome polished with micro polishing machines or via hand

  8. All glass cleansed and polished using premium glass cleaners and glass polish

  9. Vehicle wiper blades fully cleansed

  10. Exhaust tips cleansed and polished using dedicated metal polishes

  11. All paintwork cleansed with a selection of alcohol solutions to fully remove polishing oils and remaining reside, to show true paint condition prior to the protection stages

New Car Detail - Protection Process

  1. Protection applied to all painted surfaces (Swissvax Shield Wax or Gtechniq C2v3 Liquid Sealant)

  2. Premium sealant applied to all wheel faces

  3. Tyres and wheel arches coated with a premium gel to provide a matt finish

  4. Trim dressing applied to all black plastic and rubber trim

  5. All exterior glass treated with a single coat of rain repellant

  6. Exhaust tips protected with dedicated high temperature sealant

New Car Detail - Finishing Process

  1. Final wipe with detailing spray ready for inspection and quality control

  2. Final details and inspection stage to ensure the vehicle meets our premium standards ready for handover

Points To Note - *All pricing shown above is displayed as a guide, our price points will vary dependent on the size and condition of the vehicle being booked in to our studio. If you don’t see the coating/product you require please call or message us for additional information. Exact pricing & quotes can be obtained upon a full consultation at our studio.